In brief

Dave Cal anseo. Thanks for checking out my blog.

This is primarily a digital dumping ground for my views on various things, although I’d say mental health issues will crop up more often than anything else.

Being Irish, I suppose that’ll influence the material and my take on it, but I’m hoping it has global appeal as well, so please let me know where you’re reading from.

I gravitate towards the long form, so it’ll be mostly essay-type stuff, but shorter articles and bite-sized thoughts will be in attendance, too.

I’d love to hear from you, so comment away or groove on over to the contacts page and share your thoughts with me.

Thanks, everyone.

In not so brief

About? Damned if I know. Come back to me on that in a little while.

All I know if that I’m Dave Cal and I felt the need to have my own little space where I could express whatever was on my mind and where, hopefully, you might come back and tell me I’m completely wrong, or you might – a tenuous, outside chance here, but hey, there’s nothing new under the sun, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility – even agree. Either way, I hope to entertain/annoy/frustrate/surprise/unsettle/flabbergast you. Nah, if you read something here and your eyes don’t bleed in agony and you feel like it wasn’t an unpleasant few minutes of your life, then that’d be fine and dandy, and I’d be honoured that I was a part of that brief fragment of your existence. So read away, me beauties, and message me about anything you like, be it related or not to the stuff I post – I’d love to hear from ye. Skip on over to the contacts page for the usual communications info.


My fuzzy aims and purposes in this endeavour – I couldn’t bring myself to use the term mission statement, although it’s succinctness has its own allure when you compare it to this lengthy, nightmarish over-description

Well, the above covers it to some degree, I suppose, but I reckon a lot of the material will be related to mental health issues. But notions take me faster than the smell of even a distant fast food outlet has you changing your dinner plans, as well as convincing me beyond a doubt, in a manner not dissimilar to the way seasoned motivational speakers will convince an impressionable dewy-eyed bunch of rookies, that they have be elaborated upon immediately, so I’d say just about anything could pop up here on the site.

If you like the cut of my jib, or if you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback of any kind – the negative stuff can be highly constructive when it’s on the ball – please share it with me, and we’ll hammer out some sort of result one way or another.



What’s anything about? You tell me. I haven’t a bull’s notion of most everything going on in this loopy world of ours. I’ll scribble out a few a few thoughts/essays/articles, and why don’t you come back to me with your thoughts and opinions and whatever else, and we’ll figure out this ‘about’ business together.

Cheers to one and all.


Oh, by the way, the blog seems to have a few bugs, so if your browser groans at you or anything goes wrong, please be patient, and I’d really appreciate it if you let me know. While we’re on the subject, Firefox is behaving a little strangely in general. Although it’s probably just showing up on my own system and one of those private little hells we all experience from time to time.

Ta very much.

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