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Big thanks to GROW for putting my material in some of their newsletters. See here for links.



I’ve borrowed a few images here and there for the site as well as the Facebook and Twitter pages, so I’d like to thank the owners of these images as well provide links to said images where possible. I’ll just provide a brief link to the primary source; if anyone wants the full link, please contact me and I’ll send it your way directly.

So, in chronological order, working backwards

2018 03 15 – Shrill, eh? – Image: By Kelan ( [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons

2016 03 25 – Brussels: To Grieve Or Not To Grieve – Image taken from

2015 – Many images taken from A fantastic resource. Most of the images are free, and they don’t require attribution.

2014 – March 21st – Article: ‘Selfless Selfies…’ – Image for article header taken from

2012 – Facebook cover photo – Image of two clocks showing no time taken from

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